on september 21st we learned about grains. We made our own dough and pastat from scratch kind of fun. We made our own “home made” tomato pasta sauce which was tasty. The first thing we made was Barley it was nasty my opinion it tasted like savory oatmeal and i am not a fan at all. The risotto you have to have patience to make and it was a lil tatsy but still not my style i think my partneer and i added to much parm cheese bc it was a lil salty. My favorite thing that we made was Gnocchi especially when i made the pan alfredo sauce that was a great meal. Spaetzle looked like little sperm and it tasted not to attractive either. I didnt find this class to be that enetertaining or appetizing but hopefully next tuesday will be better. We also learned about the pilaf method, and risotto method.


On September 14th it was another day of lab, this time we made breakfast. This was another exciting day for me being that since ive been in college ive been missing breakfast and i was definitely craving it. We started of in seperate groups at our stations preparing the mixtures for french toast, pancakes, and waffles. I had the pleasure of starting off with french toast LUCKY me because that is one of my all time favorite breakfast foods. We all got a chance to rotate and try each of them when it came to waffles i had to use this ancient waffle maker which i was close to making a perfect waffle but SOMEBODY not saying any names over filled it with batter before i got a chance to close it so i had a big mess then color wise it was perfect but taste wise a little strong from all the vanilla that was poured in the batter. Now it was my turn at pancakes and not to toot my own horn it was darn close to perfect :). Eggs benedict i still will never know what it taste like because i was to scared to taste it. What goes on eggs benedict is holidais sauce and the smell alone turned me off, but i didnt want to give up so i stuck my finger in it and i can say i will NEVER EVER eat that stuff so that brings me to telling me why i can not eat eggs benedict because what goes on top, but presentation wise my eggs benedict looked extremly nice. So that day was my first time making a poached egg and im not going to lie the first time i tried being i was the last one and had to use the dirty water it didnt come out good my torpede wasnt that strong so my egg seperated imedietly after entering the water, but after chef b-f helped me clean out the water my pached egg came out really good and added to my presentation of my eggs benedict. Of course im always the last person in class to do everything so i didnt get to make a fried egg, but i got to make an omelete nothing special though.

What i did last week in Culinary Lab!!!

on september 7th 2010, i had my second Culinary Lab, i was all to thrilled because i learned we would be cooking finallyyy!!!! I couldnt have been more happy especially since  i hadnt had time to eat (let me tell you my lab starts at 2 pm and doesnt get out till around 6pm) can you imagine going through that on an empty stomach. That day we made NOTHING but potatoe dishes. I learned the difference between waxy, starchy and all purpose potatoes. We made mashed potatoes, Duchess potaoes which came out kind of bland, we also made croquettes ( OMG basically the best thing we could have made beside the next one), and also potatoe dauphinua DELISIOUS!!!! We also mad roasted potatoes. Event though some of thoes items were good by then end of class i was stuffed and plain exhausted and also sick of potatoes, cant wait untill next week BREAKFAST!!! One last note while cleaning my knives i did the dumbest thing of swing it in the water and having my other hand hang and cut my self ( was it because i secretly laughed at my chef??)

What i did in lab on auguat 31st 2010!!

On august 31st 2010 i started my second day of classes in my first year in college. One of my classes for my major is culinary lab, which is the reason i am making this blog now. That day we talked about the rules and regulations, uniform check and supply list, we got a bried tour of the kitchen including the walk in fridge. That same day we used our knifes some for the first time (that would be me). But the thing is my teacher Chef Bakus- Foster was the first to use my knife set showing the class each one as an example and as she did pulled on out she cut the side of her hand with my pearing knife, of course i couldnt help but be a little entertained. Later that day we manged to learn vegtable cuts ( might i add i completly suck at everything except torneaing) . We used onions potatoes, and carrots.

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